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In New Zealand the overall index has fallen by 10 points over the last year. While concern about data privacy issues fell the most, they remain the top security concerns for Kiwis. Additional research found that Kiwis are more concerned about data breaches at banks and telcos than in goverment departments, health organisations or airlines, and that a range of entities are responsible for securing data collected by mobile apps. Click on "Additional Research" to view the findings.

Who is responsible for mobile app security? Kiwis, Aussies and Malaysians have differing views... Click on image for infographic


Key Facts

  • 76% of Kiwis are concerned about data breaches at banks and financial institutions compared to only 57% concerned about health organisations including hospitals and doctors.
  • Younger Kiwis are more concerned about unauthorised access to/or misuse of personal information (61% of 18-45 yr olds) compared 50% of 35-40 yr olds.
  • 72% of Kiwis say organisations offering mobile apps to their customers are responsible for protecting any personal data collected by that app, while only 53% say individuals should be responsible