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Concern about the ability to meet financial obligations recorded the greatest increase in concern for Kiwis compared to 2013 (up 9 points).

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Key Facts

  • The top two security concerns for New Zealanders relate to data security: unauthorised access to or misuse of their personal information; and other people obtaining or using their credit/debit card details - with 62 percent of Kiwis extremely/very concerned about each issue.
  • New Zealanders are just as concerned about accidental data breaches a caused by human or computer error, as they are about breaches caused by malicious and criminal attacks.
  • For those Kiwis more concerned about accidental data breaches than malicous attacks, they are twice as likely to be concerned when data is stored within New Zealand than when it is stored overseas.
  • CLICK on "Additional Research" for more detail on the New Zealand public's concern about accidental and malicious data breaches and whether this varies for data stored in New Zealand vs overseas.

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